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5 Examples that Represent the future of Virtual World Games

Posted: 21 Aug 2015 09:05 PM PDT

The future is here!

The first thing we’re introduced to, is the PrioVR. you haven’t heard of it, then please watch the above video.  Being able to equip either this upper-body suit, or the lower-body one, while being able to interact seemlessly with the digital environments created by the developers, is surely something that many people could very quickly learn to enjoy.  PrioVR provides a full-body, motion-sensor gaming experience that is simply unrivaled, as it allows you to throw yourself into whichever world you so choose to become a vital part of!  The sensors have a very high tracking and accuracy, so the slightest movements can be detected..  This feature makes this hardware absolutely PERFECT for first-person shooters (FPS), realtime strategy (RTS), and various other types of live-action, virtual world games, because each and every one of your movements, translate directly into the games, without the need for cameras or additional motion sensors.  You have complete control over your body, while gaming, and can move in any direction you want, free of lag. is this important?

It allows you to feel and enjoy a more natural experience, than what non-virtual reality gaming could ever hope to provide.  It’s also great for parties, as multiple people can join in the fun, and with virtually no lag!  Punch, kick, dodge, duck, lean around corners, reload ammo, and so much more, using your own body movements!  Look, if you’re not impressed by all this, then you must not be a gamer.  Period.

This is exciting for many, because so many people literally grew up with, and around, video games.  From the old arcade games in which a quarter would be placed into a 25-cent slot, at a public facility known as an “arcade”, to the more recent console games, to this.

And don’t worry, if you are a more experienced gamer, then there’s something for you, as well.  PrioVR comes with a joystick, just for you. for everyone else, you now have the ability to reach out into the virtual world, and pickup objects with your hands..  Think about the more trivial things that we’ve been doing in recent games..  Have you ever played a game that required you to climb a ladder, prior to arriving at the next destination?  Well now, you’d actually NEED to physically perform the motions of climbing said ladder, giving you a much more personal experience with the games you play.

Do you remember that very first Resident Evil game, in which THAT ONE ZOMBIE turned around, while feasting, and looked at you?  Now picture yourself in such a game, but epically enhanced by virtual reality technology.  It would be a completely different kind of game, in which it could very well feel more real than any game you’ve ever played, any movie you’ve ever seen, and any dream you’ve ever had.  You physically move through the zombie-infested worlds.  Now of course, it doesn’t have to be about zombies..

How about sports?

No longer are you controlling your favorite athletes best movements, with the simplicity of a piece of plastic that allows you to press A, B, X, Y, etc..  Now, you’re actually dribbling the ball, punting the ball, kicking the ball, shooting the puck, and winning the game.  No longer will fans cheer you on, because of your sensational thumb-pressing, button-mashing abilities.  Rather, they cheer you on because you actually put in the physical work to lead your team to victory!


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