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Is “Haypi Monster: The Lost Tower” one of the better virtual pet games?

Posted: 24 Aug 2015 08:11 PM PDT in the other post, how we discussed the Tamagachi phenomenon?  Well, we all know that the very simplistic, not even 8-bit, pocket monsters have inspired bigger and better things, such as Pokemon, for example.  Pokemon has gone on to inspire the creation of various other games, which have, in turn, lost a great deal of the creativity that Pokemon had, as many of them are simply carbon copies of the “Gotta Catch ’em All!” franchise that’s consumed the lives of so many children and young adults.

That being said, there are some clones of Pokemon which have become more than cheaply-made knockoffs.  “Haypi Monster:  The Lost Tower”, is a fine example of one of these nicely crafted, virtual pet games, inspired by something that came first.  In this fun-filled and exciting, virtual world, you take on the roll of a digital monster trainer, and journey off into many different battles, revolving around a world, almost as vast as Pokemon, itself.  But, this isn’t about Pokemon..

Now this isn’t some game about how to train a puppy and nor is it one of the virtual dog games, floating around the various operating systems.  This is a virtual pet monster battle game. Monster features several different game modes, such as Ladder Tournaments, Team Mode, Fortune Race, Boss Raid, Wanted Monsters, and EVEN MORE!

Ladder Tournament is a mode in which you get to battle higher ranked players, and gain rewards for doing so.  The interesting twist to this, is that you don’t actually control your virtual pet, during combat.  The monsters will fight by themselves.  Hopefully you’ve trained them well!

Team Mode is where you get to team up with another player, to gain additional currency and EXP Cards.

Fortune Race is a game mode in which you’re allowed to actually race against other players for an assortment of goodies.

Boss Raid is a special type of mode in which you’re able to go one-on-one with bosses, specifically.  These bosses drop Boss Essence, which can be exchanged for legendary monster unlocks or an assortment of items. Monsters is basically a theme that allows you to become a bounty hunter.  Your mission to to catch the wanted moster, in order to receive a huge bounty.

There are also World Bosses, where it takes many people to take them down.

Of course this game also has straight PvP, if that’s your thing.

Some negatives with this game, though it is quite amazing, are quite harmful to the smoothe game they could have had.  For example, there is no trading system in place, that would allow players to trade their monsters with other players’ monsters.  This iOS, virtual pet game, is absolutely worth looking into.  Go ahead and download it.

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