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Online Virtual Worlds that will help You Live through your Imagination

Posted: 27 Aug 2015 10:38 AM PDT

ImaginationSome of the Best Online Virtual Worlds that will Help You Live through your Imagination

Most of us may have, at one time or another, imagined having an opportunity to live inside another world, in which we could, in essence, start our lives from scratch, gain an entirely different identity, and experience a completely different life. Because of the forever-improving and evolving internet and digital technology, that dream — that fantasy, may now, in a sense, be converted into reality, through various computer programs, games, and applications, rather than only simply daydreaming.  Today, there are several online virtual worlds that allow users to build a digital community, consisting of REAL HUMAN PLAYERS.  If, before the age of online gaming, you were already somehow familiar with life simulation games, such as The Sims or any game of the Sim City franchise, then you will likely get the grasp of these online virtual life programs in no time.

REALish.net-OnlineVirtualWorld_SecondLifeSecond Life

Just as with the real world, there is always something new in this particular online life simulation, each and every day.  Virtually aspect of the Second Life MMO’s gameplay is able to be customized to suit your own individual preferences and/or playstyle.  What makes it even more interesting, is that every player can actually contribute to the virtual community and virtual economy, by designing and creating new fashions, architectural constructs, landscapes, items, and even new media entries, such as audio and video.  There are literally HUNDREDS of eye-catching places that you can visit to and chat and interact with others.  However, I’m sure that we all know that sometimes talking is just not enough..  So, you’re also quite capable of being able to create events and join quests, in which prizes can be obtained, for completing.


The above example, of Second Life, was an example of a game.  However, not all virtual worlds need to come via form of a game platform; subsequently, sometimes they come as an instant messenger application brought to the next level.  “There“, is a chatting program that promotes a more 'realistic' communication and vibe, which enables you to express yourself with more than just words.  Because you will be speaking and interacting with other users, using an avatar (virtual character representation of yourself, or who you’d like to become), you will be able to show emotions, gestures, and even use voice.  A monthly subscription of $10 is the only investment of this less-known yet, very interesting instant messenger app.


Compared to the other online virtual worlds, mentioned above, “Smeet” is more like “There”, as it’s an instant messenger-based social game. That being said, you don’t need to actually download any program or anything, because it’s a browser-based game; that’s essentially why you can thrust yourself into, and immediately experience the virtual world, right after registering your account.  It must to be noted that you should ensure your Adobe Flash Player is up to date.  One thing that slightly differs this instant messenger from the previous ones, is its user-friendliness and content for minors.  “Smeet” provides an accomodation that makes it a quite special virtual world for teens that protects them from harm, which is one of their commitments.



For those who spend a lot of time on the internet, you may have heard the name, “IMVU“, at least once, within this past decade, right?  IMVU is one of the older social games, which remains quite popular, today. It features a glamorous, fashionable virtual life that incorporates thick make-up and stunning clothes.  As with “Second Life“, there are various amazing places for users to hangout; both realistic and surrealistic.  Though IMVU is less convenient than the others, as it frequently requests that you purchase credits, which are then used for making various in-game purchases, for certain items and upgrades, which can make your gameplay a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience.


Twinity” is more or less just like the other virtual life platforms mentioned above.  You may customize your avatar with many different clothing and wardrobe styles, and design your own lodging, as well as the ability to alter many of the other places where users can be observed, gathering around.  What makes this platform more unique, is the feature in which you can be placed into a virtual replica of some of the more famous, real life cities around the world, though, of course, there are far more fictional, user-created areas to explore.  Twinity's custom avatar character creator is also unique because, thanks to its integration with the “Photofit” application (which enables you to upload a picture of your face and have it automatically designed), the avatar's facial features can easily become customized to resemble your own face!  Now, how awesome is that?

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